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re~solve: 'Firm Determination to Find a Successful Solution'

We specialize in creative out of court divorce and co-parenting solutions to suit your individual needs.

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Stay out of court and create an enduring agreement with wraparound support of professionals - financial planners, therapists, coaches, parenting specialists, real estate agents - suited to YOUR individual needs. 


Resolve Divorce Law facilitates the gamut of agreements related to divorce including parenting plans, drop off schedules, modes of communication,  finances and more, while identifying and addressing underlying issues that may block agreements. 

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At Resolve Divorce Law, our highest commitment is to empower YOU to create your best life during and after your divorce. We believe that staying out of court, working with attorneys who are passionate about the possibility of a kindler, gentler, more reasonable system of divorce, is the best way to do your divorce and move forward.

About Ariella Shuster

Ariella's mission is to provide her clients with access to a new paradigm of divorce and co-parenting that lives outside the current norm of 'lawyering up' and acrimony. Almost 15 years as a trial attorney in New York City and Seattle, extensive community and pro bono activities and her personal experience of navigating a successful - and challenging - co-parenting relationship, make Ariella uniquely qualified to help you achieve your best results. Ariella also holds a Mediation Certification and is an International Coaching Federation Certified Coach.


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